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The Invitational World Tennis Special Olympics will be held in the courts of the park of the east, a modern sports complex located in the municipality of Santo Domingo Este, Santo Domingo province.

More than 200 athletes with and without intellectual disabilities, representing 30 countries of the world, will compete in the modalities of single, double, unified double and unified Team. The Special Olympics Unified sports program unites people with and without intellectual disabilities as team mates in different sports. It is inspired by a simple principle: training, playing and competing together is a quick path for understanding, acceptance and friendship. Athletes will be accompanied by more than 100 coaches and delegates, and will be encouraged by more than 400 family members and 700 volunteers.

The World Tennis Invitational is backed by the International Tennis Federation (ITF), professional Tennis Register (PTR) and the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) and will be played under the Special Olympics Unified Sports competition model.

The organising committee, chaired by the first Lady Candida Montilla of Medina, in coordination with Special Olympics Latin America and the logistical and operational support of the Ministry of Sports, is working hard and with much time in advance, which It guarantees the successful assembly of the events.