Panama adds a new international experience to Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo.-Charged with international experiences, the selection of Special Olympics tennis in Panama arrived in Santo Domingo to enjoy every moment of the world Invitational in the park of the east, more of the color of the preseas that they can win.

Having participated in previous events in Spain, Brazil, Ireland and Mexico, the Central Americans come to Santo Domingo with a selection made up of Kristaleiny Guerra, Ayamair Rodríguez, Linsay Madrid, Geovana Chávez, Luis Torres, Humberto Castillo, Félix Herazo and Kevin Martínez, where they have received different distinctions in international competitions, including gold in doubles, as well as silver and bronze.

To reach this invitational, the selection first had to be classified in regional Olympics in his country.

The teams that have been given assistance in Santo Domingo City have not only come up with the idea of taking the medal in the first place. More than that, it is learning, living the experience, enjoying each other and with other countries.

by Nicol De Los Santos