Peru brings passion to its quest for medals

SANTO DOMINGO.- About three months of arduous preparation needed the selection of Peru to reach the invitational World Tennis Special Olympics Santo Domingo 2018, which concludes this Friday in the park of the east.

Marcelino Benítez, in charge of Special Olympics in Lima, Peru, arrived in the Dominican capital with a delegation of four athletes, three special and one unified, who came to try to win medals to bring them back to the South American nation.

The Peruvians are represented by Fabricio García, Diego Vizcarra, Diego Roca and Edwin Sánchez.

Inspired by Rafael Nadal, 18-year-old Garcia, he plays tennis since he was 13, and every time he represents his country he does so with great pride.

He says that with his father, Jorge Luis Pedreski, he enjoys this sport, but that in general, all his family supports him and accompanies him after his dream.

In manifesting the emotion because his son participates in his first world, Pedreski says that Fabricio was annoyed when he could not go to practice, and thus realized that it was his sport.

Both Pedreski and Fabricio will stay with the memory of the friendliness of the Dominicans, in an experience that they have enjoyed fully.