remodels East Park courts to celebrate the invitational World Tennis Special Olympics

Santo Domingo, R.D.- The remodeling work of the National Park Center of East Tennis, of this city, which will serve as headquarters of the World Tournament invitational of tennis of Special Olympics, which is going to take place from the 9th to the 17th of November in the country, continue at a pace that will allow Be ready for the inauguration of the event.

The event is organized by the Office of the First Lady of the Republic, Candida Montilla of Medina, in coordination with the Special Olympics organization Latin America and the logistical and operational support of the Ministry of Sports (MIDEREC)

The renovation work of the complex is carried out under the supervision of the Provincial Development Office, directed by the engineer Francisco del Valle.

Since last July began the preparation of the central Court of the complex, with capacity for more than 4.000 people, but already entered September, the removals have been extended to other areas.

In these first months, which are working from Monday to Saturday, it has also begun the construction of corridors that lead to the different fields, as well as the readjustment of the external corridors.

In addition, the perimeter gates of 8 courts of the center have been changed and work was started on the remaining 4.

The façade of the complex is being refurbished with new paving stones and a layer of painting that enrobes both the inner and outer part of the stadium.

The Director general of the tournament, engineer Sergio Tobal, indicated that the surfaces of the 13 courts were intervened starting this week, with the purpose of completing the remodeling in the month of October.

A total of 230 athletes, representing 30 countries of the world, will participate in the invitational World Tennis Special Olympics, to be played in the modalities of single, double, double unified and Unified Team, in 5 different levels, according With the skills of the competitors.

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