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The Dominican Republic will host the invitational World Tennis tournament and the Special Olympics Global athletes Congress, to be held in Santo Domingo from 9 to 17 November this year, with the participation of 400 athletes from over 40 countries.

The Office of the First Lady, graduate Candida Montilla of Medina, is the host of events in coordination with the Special Olympics organization Latin America, and with the logistical and operational support of the Ministry of Sports.

Special Olympics would not exist without the time, energy, dedication and commitment of the volunteers, people who contribute in a meaningful way to the celebration of the events in a selfless and with great dedication.

What roles do volunteers play?

These are some of the roles that volunteers will play.

Attention to delegations


Opening Ceremony

Awards ceremony

Torch career





Guest Care

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  • If you're 15 years old, you can be a part.
  • Be a Dominican or a foreigner.
  • They can be students, professionals from different areas, senior citizens, business people, family members of athletes, athletes and amateur and professional coaches, teachers and many other people.


The recruitment of volunteers, to work during the celebration in the country of three important events of the organization Special Olympics, began formally during the last month of May. The objective is to capture 1.077 people who will perform different logistical support functions.

The events for which volunteers are required are the World Tennis Invitational, the Special Olympics Global Athletes Congress and the annual Special Olympics International Board meeting, to be held in this capital, from 9 to 17 Next November.

The Office of the First Lady, is host of these activities, in coordination with Special Olympics Latin America and the logistical and operational support of the Ministry of Sports (MIDEREC).

Volunteers are being recruited in colleges, universities, social clubs, religious congregations, the Boy Scouts Association and other entities.

The team is complete! Completed the volunteer registration.

Thanks to all the people who joined to lend their efforts in the World Tennis Invitational and other activities with the athletes of the @OlimpiadasEspeciales in November.